Home Made Tuna In Olive Oil

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tuna in oil

Having worked in Fort Kochi one of the things we had in plenty was Tuna Fish, yet in our kitchens, we were using canned tuna. This got us thinking.

We had the raw material only thing we needed to do was get the taste right. This recipe of tuna in oil was a lot of trial & error on our parts, finally, we got it right and gave us a lot of satisfaction when we saw the product being appreciated by all.

When you make this recipe be aware that the fish has to be drained well, also be wary of a metallic taste coming to the fish which will mean that either the oil or fish has turned rancid (I am mentioning this cause it might not be visible but the taste will be prominent)


  • Filleted raw Tuna Chunk’s 2 large fish fillets (about one kg of fillet)
  • Water to cover the tuna
  • Bay leaf – 100 gms
  • Salt 80 gms to every liter of water added
  • Sunflower or Virgin Olive Oil to cover the cooked fish
  • Rosemary just a small leaves only


  • Layer the bottom of the pan with half the bay leaf.
  • Put the fish down in a single layer on top of the bay leaf.
  • Cover with the rest of the bay leaf.
  • Add the water and salt by measure.
  • Allow to cook for 25 minutes and cool in the water it self.
  • Drain the fish out and allow for all the water to flow away.
  • Allow the fish to rest for some time.
  • Take a sanitized & dry vessel with lid.
  • Put the fish & rosemary and cover with the oil.
  • This fish can now be utilized for months on end for sandwiches / salads or just like that.
  • Be careful to take out the fish with a dry & sanitized spoon or utensil

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