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Millets are among the most under rated food source. Long considered a poor man’s food, this nutritious staple has been sidelined from main stream cooking.

Millets are so important that the United Nations has declared 2023 as Year of Millets.

On this site, you will find recipes that make it easy to include millets in your diet.

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Use millets in your daily meal. Substitute it for rice and wheat and adopt a healthy and nutritious lifestyle

Sambhar Sadam with millets

Sambhar Sadam with millets

Sambhar sadam or Bissi belle bhat is a popular dish from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In this recipe, I have replaced...

Boiled Foxtail Millet

Boiled Foxtail Millet

Boiled foxtail millet is the simplest recipe that you can make with millet. Just soak for 2 hours and boil till soft....